Fall Musings

Boy it is cold for California these days. We’ve even had some record lows. Guess it gives me more time write something for the blog.

Seems that Visual Studio Code has just got way too bloated to use for this work. My ancient Linux box doesn’t handle it well anymore so I’m trying other editors.

I’ve been testing the Visual Studio 2022 MAUI migration tool for my Xamarin app update. Google wants apps updated fall 2024 to target Android 14. Microsoft does not plan to update Xamarin for that support so the app has to be move to MAUI. Surprisingly some of the migration has gone well though plenty of errors. But most of those are because my app uses a lot of popup dialogs and the Xamarin third party popup package was unable to be ported to MAUI. So popups were included now in MAUI and actually testing my popups worked well without much additional work.

The app is large for a mobile app and has two libraries but for the most part those are just C# code which works too with .net 7. Of course given the deadline this is a lazy project plus the migration tool is in beta.

Other projects lately have been more HTML apps for my app website. One is a scratchpad tool for a tutorial on a vedic astrology system that has been gaining popularity. I hope to add that this week.

I am kinda amused at the AI talk these days. Reminds me of “dot com boom” and now we have an “AI boom”. Interesting to see the tools available. I’ve mentioned before that I worked with one of those but the tutorial went out of date. Of course the thing I worry about is politicians deciding how AI should be regulated. That should be quite a circus.